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Our Essentials+ Collection has a wide variety of choices. Ranging from solid colors to custom designed patterns, it is catered for individuals looking to  expand their range of suit styles. Each crafted by hand, measured into specific details, and custom made to your liking, Panache Tailor guarantees that this entry level suit will be the perfect fit for your daily casual wear.





Our Essentials+ Collection Suits are crafted with a blend of merino wool alongside with other fabrics such as viscose, cotton, poly-amide, and other sorts of fabrics.Merino wool is renowned for its exceptional properties, and is one of the most sought after fabrics in the market. Imported directly from Australia, its natural characteristics is the best choice for travelling since it will wrinkle just a bit but it will regain its shape by itself after you hang it overnight.



With fibers of less than 24 microns in diameter, it is supremely soft and durable and is one of the softest types of wool available. Because of its properties, it is the perfect choice for people with sensitive skin. Merino wool is an excellent body temperature regulatorproviding warmth without overheating the person wearing it. It draws moisture away from the skin, a process is known as wicking. Merino wool fabrics are moisture repellent allowing the wearer to avoid the feeling of wetness. It is also odor resistant, because of its structure and moisture absorption, it reduces the tendency to build-up odor.


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