How do I make an appointment?
Feel free to leave us your information under "Contact" for us to contact you, or schedule an appointment with us. You may contact us personally on Whatsapp, Telegram or Email. 

How does the entire flow work?
First, we schedule an appointment for the measurement process and also for you to select your choice of fabric and customization options. After which, your suit will be delivered during the second appointment. Should there be further alterations needed, we will arrange for a second fitting.

What methods of payment do you accept?
Currently, we accept Cash payment or bank transfer only.

How much and when do I pay?
It is required for us to collect a 50% deposit during the first appointment and the remaining during delivery of your suit.

How long will it take for my suit to arrive?
We promise every individual that your suit will be received within timeframe of one month.

What if my suit does not fit?
Your fitting is of our utmost priority. We will only hand over your suit if it fits to your liking. Thus, we send a tailor during every fitting session to ensure that rectification is done should issues arise.

Do you have a physical store?
We are currently providing doorstep services, therefore we currently do not have a store. However, in occasional special circumstances, you may visit our office for an appointment, based on a scheduling basis.