Return Policy

Panache Tailor reserves the rights to hold on to your deposit should you decide to cancel your purchase after placing an order. All deposits are strictly non-refundable. Should you wish to cancel your purchase, you are to inform us before midnight of the date of your appointment. 

All deposits paid to Panache Tailor are non-refundable and will be forfeit if a purchase is cancelled after an order is placed. All deposits are thus strictly non-refundable. As each purchase involves an order of fabrics and goods by Panache Tailor, cancellations may only be made prior to the date of the first fitting appointment, after which the full sum of the purchase will be charged regardless of the customer acceptance of the product. Panache Tailor will not be held liable for failures to disclose cancellation of an order.

A deposit of half of the full cost of an order must be paid on the day of the first fitting appointment. Upon delivery of the purchase, customers are to pay in full the remainder of the cost of an order. Panache Tailor reserves the right to refuse delivery of a purchase or provision of fitting services should a customer fail to make payment.